Monday, November 25, 2013

Pumpkin Crisp Dessert

Looking for a delicious and easy dessert for Thanksgiving?  This dessert is like a cross between a pumpkin pie and a cake.  Perfect for busy cooks who don't have time to prepare a pie crust. The bottom layer is cake-like and the middle layer tastes like a pumpkin pie.  The topping did not come out crispy like the title suggests but it was still yummy and was a big hit with everyone who tried it.  This is a recipe from  The recipe calls for a 18.25 ounce yellow cake mix that I could not find at my grocery store.  I used a 16.25 ounce cake mix that I added 5 tablespoons of all-purpose flour and it came out perfect.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sweet, Sticky and Spicy Chicken

I came across this delicious recipe on page 105 in the Dec/Jan 2014 issue of magazine.  This is a meal that I have made several times in the past.  My family really likes this and it is one of those meals that is great to make when you are short on time. It only takes about 20-25 minutes to have on the table.  I always serve it over rice. The only thing I change when I make this recipe is to cut way back on the hot sauce.  I had almost forgot about this recipe and I was glad to be reminded of it when I saw this in the magazine.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Acorn Candy Cookies

    These cute little acorn candy cookies are perfect for fall and for Thanksgiving and they are sooooo easy to make.  They would also be super cute on top of cupcakes.  I found this recipe on while I was looking for some new ideas for Thanksgiving. I made some with butterscotch chips and also made some peanut butter chips...both were really good!


  • 1 tablespoon prepared chocolate frosting
  • 24 milk chocolate candy kisses (such as Hershey's Kisses®), unwrapped
  • 24 mini vanilla wafer cookies (such as Nilla®)
  • 24 butterscotch chips


1.  Smear a small amount of frosting onto the flat bottom of a candy kiss. Press onto the flat bottom of the vanilla wafer. Smear a little more frosting onto the flat bottom of a butterscotch chip, and press onto the rounded top of the cookie. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Set aside to dry, about 30 minutes.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole

Looking for a great recipe to use up all those Thanksgiving leftovers?  Well no need to look any further.  Here is a great recipe from Kraft that combines leftover turkey, veggies, stuffing and cheesy mashed potatoes and also tastes fantastic.  This recipe can be found on  My family really loved this and I look forward to making this after Thanksgiving.  (Hopefully I will have enough leftovers to make this again!)

Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cake

Only two ingredients needed to make this simple yummy cake that is perfect for Thanksgiving!  This recipe is from  The original recipe requests a 18.25 ounce cake mix but I could only find a 16 ounce cake mix and it still came out great.  It makes a very moist cake that is full of flavor.  I ended up making a cream cheese icing to drizzle over the top and also melted some milk chocolate chips that I also drizzled over the top.  The family really liked this.